2014 Adventurer Announcements: A TCM Exclusive

Adventurer makes big changes to its 2014 truck camper lineup, upgrades to the Lamilux 4000 exterior fiberglass, offers Heki skylights, goes to a seven-cubic foot refrigerator, and more… In a Truck Camper Magazine exclusive, Adventurer announced several changes to their 2014 models. The following is a link to the full article: http://bit.ly/1b2Tld7


Families Save When They Go RV-ing

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) Provide Freedom, Flexibility and Savings to Families

An RV makes it easier for a family to take more frequent weekend getaways or mini-vacations that accommodate their busy schedules and budget. “RV-ing allows families a unique travel experience that offers appeal for those seeking to foster an increased sense of togetherness, control, flexibility, and convenience to travel whenever and wherever desired,” said PKF vice president Kannan Sankaran.

“Typically the budgetary constraints of raising a family coupled with the trend of taking shorter vacations close to home match quite well with a desire to experience a cost-conscious vacation with few hassles. RV ownership provides an attractive choice for meeting all those requirements.” RV-ing is a more cost effective and fun way to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

Research shows that RV’ers spend more time enjoying campground and less on the road to save fuel. With more than 16,000 campgrounds nationwide, RVers also save by staying close to home. In addition to vacation travel, owners use RVs for tailgating, travel with pets, and to participate in outdoor sports and other leisure activities.

In a Harris Interactive survey, owners reported that RV travel enables them to experience nature and outdoor activities and enjoy quality family time. RVers reported stronger bonds with loved ones and benefits to children. RVers also cited healthier eating on the road, sleeping in their own bed and having their own bathroom facilities as advantages.

A 2011 PKF Consulting Vacation Cost comparison study showed that a family of four can save 23-to-59 percent on vacation costs by traveling in an RV, even after factoring in ownership costs and fuel. For a two-person traveling party, savings are 11-to-46 percent. Even when fuel prices rise, more than 80% of RV owners say their RV vacations cost less than other forms of travel.

For more information about the study, visit: http://bit.ly/13XposZ

The Ultimate Tailgating Truck Camper

The 2013-2014 football season is finally upon us and football fans everywhere will be glued to their television sets from this Sunday on as their favorite teams take the field for the first time this regular season. Most Sunday afternoons this fall will be spent watching games with friends and family. This often includes cooking out at home, at a friend’s house or tailgating at the stadium. RV’s are great for tailgating at any sporting event. Check out this guy’s “Bronco Truck Camper” – an impressive camper despite it being branded with the Bronco’s colors and logo. Go Pats !!

To read the full article about the Bronco Truck Camper, and to view additional pictures, click on the following link: http://bit.ly/1dQXmoP

Travel-Lite Travel Trailers

Polar RV is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Travel-Lite brand of travel trailers.

Contact our friendly sales staff for more information about the brand. The 2014 models have arrived. Check out our inventory for the models we currently have in-stock.



2015 Real-Lite 1806 Truck Camper – Sold

2015 Real-Lite Hard Side 1806, Non-Slideout, Wet Bathroom Truck Camper
Weight: 2296 lbs – 31 Gallons Fresh Water, Gray: 8 gallons, Black: 7 gallons
Will fit 3/4-ton or larger short or long bed pickup trucks.

Included Options: Backpack HS Package, C02 Detector, Create a Breeze Fan, Hi Gloss Gel Coat Fiberglass, Black Reico Titan Convertible Jacks, Serta Mattress, Hot & Cold Outside Shower, LED Interior Lighting, 6 Gallon Gas/Electric Water Heater, Electric Jacks, Rear Bumper w/Storage plate, Pearl Infused Gel Coat Exterior, Air Conditioner-11,000 BTU

RV Consignments

We have been in the RV business since 1985 and have sold thousands of camper units. Our knowledgeable staff will help you get the best possible price for your truck camper or travel trailer. Let us present your camper at our location, on our website and to our customers. We will handle the entire sales process and will call you once we find a serious buyer. Let our experience and reputation work for you. There is no upfront cost to you for this service as we only get paid when a sale is made on your behalf.

Have a truck camper and used pickup for sale? Our RV Consignment program allows you to sell your truck and camper without going through the hassle of trying to sell them yourself.

Auto Sales

Polar RV Sales is a licensed NH auto dealer. So if you’re looking for a pre-owned car or truck, we can help! We even offer discounts to customers who purchase a camper or require a set-up on any pickup truck purchased through our dealership.

No Sales Tax

Only five states in the U.S. don’t impose a sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon. We will match or beat any competitor’s price! Plus, you’ll save even more money when you purchase your truck camper in tax-free Salem, New Hampshire.

Servicing & Setups

Our on-site technicians are skilled in equipping your truck with everything required to carry your camper.  We have years of experience in repairs as well as installing after-market accessories on truck campers. We’ve performed hundreds of truck camper setups over the years – let our experience and expertise work for you.


The Happijac Frame Mount Tie down System uses leverage to your advantage in order to safely reduce the forces on your truck while controlling camper movement in all directions. Happijac has been one of our preferred choices in tie-down systems for many years.

Happijac Tie-Down Systems