Bundutec Truck Campers

BundutecUSA manufactures hard side and pop-top (soft side) truck campers in several different floor-plans for all truck sizes and is designed to be customized and built to your requests. The addition of the Bunudutec line of lightweight camper models allows Polar RV Sales in Salem New Hampshire to provide solutions to those customers with small to mid-size pickup trucks. Bundutec Truck Campers are available in six floor plans, floor plans such as the BunduKlein and the BunduKlein Overland Edition, the BushCamp, BunduKort, BunduVry, and the BunduCamp models.

Bundutec pop-top truck campers use a totally different roof design (the roof of the pop top is raised by a push of a button with a four corner electric jack system) than most and come with a contemporary interior look that makes the Bundutec line stand out from other truck campers.